In today’s world of rapid growth in science and technology, students need to have crystal clear concepts & a regular routine for studying to be successful.

For that purpose, your child needs to have good schooling and exposure to the right channels. Unfortunately most schools are serving more as a business rather than an institute that takes care of your child’s academic activities.

Personal tutors hired do provide a routine but they worry more about their own time and money rather than problems that your children have in various subjects, as they are hired on one to one basis there is no system of tutor evaluation and careful selection which causes poor results of your children. Even in case of successful personal tutors the child gets dependent on the tutor which stops him from independent thinking.

Intutor’s Specialty

  • We aim to Enable your child to do well without a tutor within three months
  • We Focus on Student’s Performance
  • We Evaluate and check our Tutors
  • We Focus on Learning, Motivation and Confidence Building of Children

Intutor provides you with the solutions to all the problems your child has in studies. Intutor searches for the real source of the problem. Only Intutor has the unique characteristic of evaluation of the teacher and student performance ensuring real improvement and efficiency. Intutor provides a mechanism to change your tutor within the Intutor umbrella for better results. Our Aim is to enable children to develop a routine and solve the root problem so that he can do well without a tutor in 3 Months.

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Testimonials of Parents

Rafi Khan
"I am pleased with Intutor's services as it has enabled my children to reach in the top ten position in their respective classes. I believe intutors evaluation mechanism is a very good feature for the students and their parents as it informs them about the real progress."

Syed Ubaid ur Rehman
"We are very impressed by the progress made by my child. He is in class 8th and his interest has been boosted. Now he studies regularly and is motivated."

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Intutor is currently hiring please download application form from Job Offer section. Limited tutions are avaialable.

Tutions currently available in Hayatabad Only!!